• Dr. Rev. Chris Stanfield

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  • Ed hatfield, custodian

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  • Judy Keller, Secretary

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  • Megan Burns, PMO dir

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  • Christa Hatter, PMO

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  • Ashley Heath, PMO

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Volunteer Staff


  Bill Grieve, Lay Leader and Liturgists  

  Logan Hickman, Lead Usher

  Gary Carter, Camera 

  Ed Hatfield, Lead Sound


  John Snodderly, Chair of Leadership Council

  Tommy Robards, Chair of Trustees

  Lee Myers, Chair of Building & Grounds and Parsonage

  Joe Ayers, Chair of Finance

  Jason Prim, Treasurer

  Logan Hickman, Chair of Worship

  Phyllis Clingner, Chair of Discipleship

  Holly Welsh, Chair of Missions

  Fern Baxter, Koinina Circle