Come worship with us!

We are committed to bringing new people into worship that celebrates our faith in Jesus Christ. We were made to please God, and worship is the key way we accomplish that purpose. During worship we celebrate what God has done for us through Jesus. This means that we bring into worship our attitudes, feelings, thoughts, agendas, etc... Everything is part of worship. When we worship we do so knowing that God is the Recipient and deserves our best. 


WORSHIP                    10:45 AM

Pastor serving overseas

Pastor Chris is both an elder in the United Methodist Church and an Officer in the US Navy. He is currently deployed overseas, and ministering to service members as their chaplain. 

LaFollette UMC is proud to commission our pastor for this special ministry, and pray that God will bless his chaplaincy and care of those protecting us.

During Chris's deployment, we will have an interim pastor. Join us on Sunday's at 10:45 am for worship!