AED Technology is coming to your Church.

Coming soon AED technology.

We will soon have available an AED unit in our Church. We will offer support in showing members how to use this unit. It is a life saver in the hands of someone that can use it. Click on the AED unit to the left to see a short video in its use. Want to know more or have training in it please just ask. All you have to know is how to hit the on button and listen. Don't know CPR? The machine will ask you if you know and if you do not you just hit the flashing middle light and the machine will guide you thru how to do CPR. Stay calm and listen is all you have to do. You can add years to someones life. Training is coming please take part in it. It is very simple to use and talks you thru the process. Don't be afraid to learn how to use it.