Art CAMP (Creative Arts Ministry Program)

This summer marks our 3rd annual Art Camp.  The camp is perhaps our most anticipated outreach programs of the entire year - reaching over a 100 young artists!  The camp concludes with an exciting art show opened to the public.  

Celebrating God's gift of creativity

Human creativity is a gift from God.  We were created in the image of God, and part of what that means is that we have the desire and ability to create things.  In 2014, we developed a camp for children and youth to explore their own creativity.  

At the heart of this camp is an art piece that young artists complete themselves. In 2015, our campers painted a piece inspired by Vincent van Gogh - A Starry Night.  

"A Van Gogh Summer" - 2016

This years camp builds upon last years van Gogh inspired program.  "A van Gogh Summer" is designed to give young artists exposure to van Gogh's unique style, his Christian faith, as well as an understanding that creativity can be used to bring glory to God - in fact, at it's highest form it does just that!